Motorized Boats & Sailplanes

Sailplane Video StillHave you ever had the opportunity to ride on a motorized boat or a sailplane? Well we had the chance to ride on a motorized yacht type of boat, but not yet on a specialized floating plane so to speak.

We actually think that we would love the opportunity to be able to fly and ride the waves at the same time. Well let’s not get too carried away. You’re not actually and ride the waves as much as you’re going to lightly sail across the water. I don’t think it would be quite safe to be surfing with your boat.

I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about sailplanes that makes me curious about wanting to buy one for myself. Although, after owning quite a few yachts and light jets, it might not be a smart investment at the moment.

If you are more interested in what it’s like you too ride on a sailplane, then definitely take a look at some of the videos below.