Hands Free Segways: Where Did They Come From?

Original SegwayMan, it’s been a pretty crazy summer. There have been many inventions that have depend showcased at trade shows. There have been flops, but some have caught on to become very popular worldwide and on the Internet. If you’ve been following the internet at all over the past few months that you’ve probably heard of names like Phunkeeduck and IO Hawk which have been dominating the media.

Of course these two brands are probably some of the most expensive you will find. With a little bit of research and help you can definitely find a unit that is much better priced for the average consumer. For example, the MonoRover was originally high in the $1,000 mark for single unit. Now however, the manufacturer is realized that most consumers are not going to pay more than $500 and has significantly dropped their price.

In my opinion that’s a really smart move. There are many individuals who are trying to profit off of these machines that are also selling them for that $1,000 price tag. Most of the guys are older and don’t really understand the market which is why they’re not really going to get too many sales. If you look really carefully online you can find a lot of resources that have this groundbreaking hands-free Segway available for a really low price.

If you would like to get more information on where you can get your own without spending an arm and a leg, then be sure to take a look at the resources at this location.